Founders are at the heart of what we do at ACE.SG. We've been thinking about how we can better help busy founders connect with talent.

Last year, we hosted both a Virtual Career Fair and a live Career Fair. We saw the power of in-person interactions and convenience of connecting with out-of-town job seekers virtually.

In 2024, we are excited to host our first Hybrid Startup Career Fair from 15 August to 14 September 2024!

We believe that this custom blend of both virtual and in-person strategies will help you connect with, engage, attract, and more importantly convert talent. It offers greater flexibility, allowing you to strategically allocate your resources to benefit from both high-touch, high-interaction approaches and the wider reach of online settings.

Meeting Early Talent where they are:

  • Online Reach: Expand your reach and boost brand awareness to a diverse applicant pool; High achievers on graduation trips or sabbaticals can apply anytime, anywhere.

Traditional "Campus Recruiting":

  • In-Person Experience: the invaluable in-person experience is irreplaceable. ACE.SG is happy to co-host events with you to engage students and job seekers who are curious and interested in working in a startup. You also have the opportunity to set up your booth for 1-2 hours at one of our events during the month.


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