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Startups Pitching LiveExperience innovation in action as these startups take the stage to pitch their groundbreaking AI solutions live. These trailblazing startups will also set up interactive booths during the event.


EigenAI offers a one-stop no-code AI/ML platform for analyzing customer behavior and building Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) models. We offer a full suite of CLM models, focusing on every aspect of a customer’s lifecycle journey: acquisition, activation, propensity to buy, upsell, cross-sell, flight risk, churn, win-back, and lifetime value models. With EigenAI, we enable companies to predict and pre-empt customer behavior, essentially improving customer stickiness.

Commercial Music Access is a painful process today - it’s expensive, mired in red tape, has limited optionality and allows for zero customisation. And that’s where Wubble comes in. is an enterprise grade solution that allows businesses, big and small, to create royalty-free, personalised music, in seconds, at a fraction of current costs. The use cases? Marketing and social media videos, retail and hospitality soundscapes, dynamic gaming soundtracks, fitness and wellness, training videos etc.

AIPath is AI for Finding Product-Market Fit.

Founds often struggle to select the right customer and features to build. With AIPath, you can simulate interactions between your product and different ICPs to identify missing features and risks in your hypothesis, even before you build. Rapidly create insights from generated experiments to deepen your understanding of what to build next, and then map features to business impact in a real time all-teams standup dashboard.

We do this with real time customer journey mapping, experiments and feature feasibility analysis.


CloudSeq ( is a Singapore based company funded by NRF, Singapore through Expara Pte Ltd ( with a mandate to develop an interactive platform to analyse the BIG omics data. We provide complete Integrated Precision Medicine platform services using spatial omics data on our patented and proprietary platform hosted on a Supercomputer to reduce TAT drastically and unlike many other “Blackbox” companies we are totally “transparent” instilling ultimate confidence, flexibility and accuracy.


Babbobox's unique proposition is in Deep Video Search. Our Video Search Engine has the unique ability to extract data and intelligence from media (audio and video) assets. To achieve our objectives, we created four world's first in video search technologies. In the process, Babbobox developed one of world's most advanced AI-infused Video Search Engine where it combines numerous advanced technologies (like Speech Recognition, Video OCR, Text Analysis, etc.) into a single platform. These search technologies are incorporated into Videospace, which is the next generation of AI-infused video platform.

Where we created various world’s first in deep video search technologies and developed one of world's most advanced Video Search Engine.

Video is the king of content where 80% of internet is video. While search is a basic human need. But less than 1% of all videos in the world has been analyzed. Our blue ocean are industries where video data and intelligence is worth trillions.

Raijin.AI is building an AI Copilot for Customer Research that helps companies to discover new opportunities to increase revenue and other success metrics or reduce churn based on their own unique customer data. We can analyze data from different customer channels like calls, transcripts and feedback to rapidly generate insight reports, thematic analysis, affinity maps and other strategic documents so that teams can make higher impact decisions.